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AutoIce was born out of a need for a better process to generate and manage hockey schedules for today's associations and facilities.  Too often, we saw wasted time, bias, inefficiencies, and even basic mistakes that create unnecessary problems for the scheduler, the board, and the membership. 

We are committed to making the scheduling process as error free as possible with all the variables and considerations that arise in preparing for and executing a hockey season.  While we can't eliminate all complaints from members (anyone who says they can, hasn't met many hockey parents), we can help you respond with facts regarding how and why the schedule was generated.  We can also help you generate consistent schedules year over year that can be updated or revised with new considerations as your association grows and changes. 

We have years of experience in generating and managing ice schedules, operating youth hockey associations, and being hockey parents.    We have the experience to not only help you improve your hockey schedules, but also to help you communicate with your members, to provide information for your board, and to manage the many facets of coordinating schedules for today's hockey associations and facilities.

Our Mission